Tafael : support the post-crisis stabilisation process through the media in northern Iraq

Training in journalism /


16 October 2019
10 November 2019 - 23:30 TU
Ninveveh Governorate
Journalist or student in journalism
45 young people

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CFI launched the Tafael project at a seminar in September 2019. This project will support the post-crisis stabilisation process through the media in northern Iraq. Tafael will then select and train 45 young people from the Ninveveh Governorate (Iraq) in journalism practices in the context of stabilisation.
Three components will be part of the trainings:

• 5-day-training will be dedicated to general component. This will aim at strengthening knowledge on journalistic work in a post-crisis context (source protection, information retrieval, journalism ethics), safety, physical and digital security and investigative journalism.

• 5-day-training will be dedicated to the social cohesion component. This will aim to create a debate among the participants on the concepts of solidarity, integration and participation in social life.

• 5-day-training will be dedicated to speciality. The participants will have the choice between radio, written, video and photojournalism. The emphasis will be put on techniques for adapting journalistic content to web consumption, including social networks, with a particular focus on reaching young people.

The 45 selected journalists will then be supported in the production of content covering these themes (during 2 months).

Support at various stages

The selected candidates will attend three training sessions run by journalists specialising in those fields.

The three best journalistic contents will be awarded a prize.

Gender equality

CFI is committed to promoting gender equality in all its projects. As part of this commitment, in the Tafael project:

_ Particular consideration will be given to women’s application.
_ Particular consideration will be given to journalists demonstrating ability to focus on women’s situation and gender equality.

Selection criteria

To apply for this project, you must:

• Be journalist or a student in journalism field;
• Be an inhabitant of the Niniveh Governorate;
• Be less than 35 years old;
• Have a strong interest in social cohesion issues (no need to be an expert in the matter);
• Be available on the scheduled dates (one week in December, one week in January and one week February) and commit to attending the three training sessions scheduled as part of the project and have the language proficiency to attend the trainings in Arabic;
• Commit to produce journalistic production covering social cohesion issues in the Niniveh Governorate. The content may be produced in either Arabic or Kurdish.

Documents to be provided

• A selection of your published articles, videos, radio reports, photography.
• Your CV


After this call for projects closes, up to 45 young journalists will be selected, trained and supported in the production of one journalistic content that must be realized by April 2020 at the latest.

• Publication of the call for projects: 16 October 2019;
• Deadline for receipt of applications on the online platform: 27 October 2019;
• Assessment and selection of the journalists: mid November 2019;
• Notification of the list of selected projects: mid-November 2019.

Radio, Video, Photojournalism and Written press

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