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EU-JDID : election coverage trainings

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27 January 2020
23 June 2020 - 12:00 TU
Amman, Jordan
Experienced or aspiring journalists

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This course trains journalists on the correct basis of electoral coverage, and how do media handle the whole process (before, during and after election).

This course lasts 3 days and is performed in Amman by Mrs Randa Habib.

CFI is a French media cooperation agency. It is a member of the consortium implementing the “Enhanced Support to Democratic Governance in Jordan” program (EU-JDID). Its objective is to support Jordan's reform process towards consolidation of deep democracy and to promote inclusiveness of policy and decision making processes.

As vector of transparency and information to citizen, the media play a crucial role in the democratic process. The program’s cross-cutting media component, implemented by CFI, includes the training of journalists on political and electoral news coverage.

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Election trainings proposed by CFI aim at improving the quality of election coverage by Jordanian media, through deep learning of more accurate and professional reporting. The content of the sessions will have a learning and a practical side: professional ethics, the deep role of a journalist in covering the election period, how to get information on candidates and their programs, how to conduct interviews and how to communicate crucial information to the public. Exercises, role-playing technique to learn more about ways to get the best results in an interview.

This training is free of charge. Open to all journalists, experienced or aspiring.


Next sessions will be performed:

16 to 18th February 2020

23 to 25th February 2020

15 to 17th March 2020

22 to 24th March 2020

12 to 14th April 2020

19 to 21st April 2020

14 to 16th June 2020

21 to 23rd June 2020

Please note that these dates are provisional. CFI reserves the possibility to modify this schedule on the basis of received applications.

  • Be a Jordan national or residing in Jordan
  • Currently work as a journalist for a Jordanian media
  • Having covered past elections
Print, internet, radio, television

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