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on digital media for media leaders and managers in Jordan

Media leader and managers’ training /


23 December 2016
22 January 2017 - 19:00 TU
Arab world
Media leaders or managers
CFI, UNESCO and European Union (EU)

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You wish to strengthen your skills in digital media and related new professional practices? Are you looking into deploying a better outreach to local or Arabic-speaking audiences? Follow Masterclassesconducted by top level experts to boost your digital strategy.

This training is part of UNESCO’s Support to Media in Jordan.


The objective of this call for application is to select 50 media leaders or managers to attend 4 masterclasses, between February and March 2017.


Masterclass #1 - 2 days - Amman
Towards multimedia information: developing, organizing and managing a 360° newsroom

Masterclass #2 – 1 day - Amman
Changes at the time of digital revolution: implementing innovative and sustainable business models

Masterclass #3 – 2 days - Amman
Effective change management: supporting and managing a newsroom adapting for digital innovations

Masterclass #4 – 1 day - Amman
Measuring multimedia audiences: addressing the expectations of one’s audience and developing an efficient editorial strategy


Launch date: 23 December 2016

End date: 22 January 2017

Announcement of selected candidates: 25 January 2017

Masterclass 1, Amman, 1st half of February 2017

Masterclass 2, Amman, 2nd half of February 2017

Masterclass 3, Amman, 1st half of March 2017

Masterclass 4, Amman, 2nd half of March 2017

Please note that the training dates will be specified on the basis of received applications.


- Be a Jordan national or reside in Jordan
- Currently hold a leadership or management position in a Jordanian media

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