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26 January 2018
26 March 2018 - 13:00 TU
Amman, Jordan
Experienced or aspiring journalists

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Are you a journalist? Do you cover political news? Would you like to improve your writing and learn more about the tools, the ethics and ways of improving your skills in conducting interviews, pinning an important subject, analyzing the news and identifying real sources? Would you like to learn more about how to conduct a sharp and deep interview? Join us in our training programme.

CFI is a French media cooperation agency. It is a member of the consortium implementing the “Enhanced Support to Democratic Governance in Jordan” program (EU-JDID). Its objective is to support Jordan's reform process towards consolidation of deep democracy and to promote inclusiveness of policy and decision making processes.

As vector of transparency and information to citizen, the media play a crucial role in the democratic process. The program’s cross-cutting media component, implemented by CFI, includes the training of journalists on political and electoral news coverage, but also awareness-raising of parliamentarians to communication with the media.

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Political journalism trainings proposed by CFI aim at improving the quality of political news coverage in Jordan, through deep learning of more accurate and professional reporting.

Each year between 2018 and 2020, 8 training sessions of 5 days on political journalism will be organized.

The content of the sessions will have a learning and a practical side: professional ethics, the deep role of a journalist in communicating important news, how to get and cover information, how to conduct interviews with politicians and how to communicate crucial information to the public.

Debates, exercises, role-playing technique to learn more about ways to get the best results in an interview. Fact checking news, statements by politicians and unverified information spread on social media.

Training attendees will be invited to a series of political knowledge conferences organised by the project. .

This training is free of charge. Open to all political journalists, experienced or aspiring.


Day 1 – Introductory session

  • Journalistic ethics
  • Keeping in mind the 5 basic questions (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)
  • The art of pinning the importance of information, to evaluate and reveal it
  • How to work on the background of the information in order to make it complete and give it its real relevance
  • Precision in writing
  • Importance and accuracy of numbers

Day 2 – Produce/write

  • How to construct a story in the proper writing / the importance of a well written lead that will reflect the core of the story and will attract the attention of your readers
  • Clarified and precise writings focused on the main subject
  • How to be objective, balanced and fair
  • Credibility and solidity of sources - a single source is not enough
  • Be aware of spontaneous sharing of information

Day 3 – Political interview

  • How to conduct an interview with a politician
  • How to ask the right questions, and to focus on relevant subjects

Day 4 – Fact-checking and social media

  • How to fight fake news
  • Fact-checking
  • How to deal with social media (content)

Day 5 – Practical exercises on all the above


In 2018, CFI will propose 8 sessions of the same training. Each candidate may choose one session according to her/his wishes.

Each session comprises 5 days of training (1 full week).

1st Semester 2018

  • Session 1: 25th February 2018
  • Session 2: 18 March 2018
  • Session 3: 8 April 2018
  • Session 4: 29 April 2018

2nd semester 2018

  • Session 5: 24 June 2018
  • Session 6: 5th August 2018
  • Session 7: 2nd September 2018
  • Session 8: 7th October 2017

Please note that these dates are provisional. CFI reserves the possibility to modify this schedule on the basis of received applications.

  • Be a Jordan national or residing in Jordan
  • Experienced in political journalism, or aspiring political journalist
  • Currently work as a journalist for a Jordanian media


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