Balkans Voices : Regional audiovisual and digital productions within Western Balkans

Balkans Voices : Regional audiovisual and digital productions within Western Balkans

You have an audiovisual project that aims at giving a voice to young creatives by bringing together young audiovisual professionals or students of the Western Balkans? Apply for Balkans Voices and benefit from financial support to produce regional digital content for the new generation!

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Webseries, webdocs, short movies, youtube channels… You have an audiovisual project that aims at giving a voice to young creatives by bringing together young audiovisual professionals or students of the Western Balkans? Apply for Balkans Voices and benefit from financial support to produce regional digital content for the new generation!

Countries of the Western Balkans have few incentives that motivate the regional talents who share values to collaborate on common themes.

Balkans Voices is supporting one to three youth-focused regional and audiovisual production in the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The project proposes to the 1 to 3 selected project(s) a grant of max. €45,000 on a 10 months duration.


The project(s) supported by Balkans Voices will be designed to allow the creation of several short productions (2 to 5 minutes), which can be viewed on digital media (especially smartphones). These productions can take multiple forms: web series, web documentaries, youtube channel…

The subject of the production must be positive, cross-regional, and aimed at a young audience (15-30 years) in the 6 countries. In particular, the subject covered will be relevant to the regional context, and match the interests of young people in the region.

The selected project(s) must comply with the following objectives:

  • Make film students and/or young directors and creators from the 6 countries work together
  • Have completed, by the end of December 2021, at least:

(a) the collective writing of one or more script(s)

(b) the production of one of the productions of 2 to 5 minutes (production of a pilot, in the case of a web series)

Particular attention will be brought to projects that:

  • Have a clear plan and ability for distribution of the production in regional networks (festivals etc.) (in 2022)
  • Make audiovisual structures from the 6 countries work together (schools / universities, CNC, festivals, etc.)
  • Bringing in other partners from the European Union able to co-finance and/or to bring in expertise (e g cinema school, Inter-regional program, etc.).

Balkans Voices is run by CFI in concordance with the Cooperation and Cultural Action Services (CCAS) of French Embassies in the concerned countries.

Financed by the French Ministry of Europe and foreign affairs, the main objective of Balkans Voices project is to enable a new generation of young talents to reclaim the language used in media and to express themselves openly on subjects that inspire them in each country.

Indeed, the media organizations within the Western Balkan countries still offer little in the way of content and formats that are truly adapted to the concerns of young people.

In this scope, one of the specific objectives of the project is to develop audiovisual and digital productions that enable young people to present their reality.

The project then offers financial support to a project bringing together young professionals or students from the six countries, involving the collective writing of a web production and the shooting of a pilot for this production.


The call for projects is designed for those developing digital contents of interest to young people and to the six countries of the region, and those wishing to bring together young audiovisual professionals or students of the region.

Eligible applicants might fall within one of the following categories:

  • Private organizations, associations and NGOs already active in audiovisual production or diffusion, training, and/or involvement with youth at a regional level.
  • Applicants developing digital production (producers, filmmakers, bloggers’, online media, etc.) and able to federate a regional network
  • Regional networks in the audiovisual field

They must :

  • Be legally registered structure with legal standing (association, undertaking, NGO, etc.);
  • Have at least 1 year of legal existence
  • Have the capability to receive funds from abroad;
  • Have a bank account held in the organization’s name
  • Have their head office in one of the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia;

A selection committee composed of CFI and CCAS’ members will evaluate the applications, deliberate, and decide on the selected project. Results will be communicated on mid-February 2021.

The assessment criteria to be taken into account for the selection are the following:

Relevance (25/100)

  • Quality of the analysis of the context and local needs and expectations towards media productions within youth in Western Balkans
  • Relevance of the project to this identified context
  • Relevance of the topic for the region
  • Compliance with the objectives of the project (described in “supported activities”)

Innovation (20/100)

  • Adaptation of the project to the digital media; allowing youth adhesion and fostering regional (digital) exchanges
  • Topic covered: original and positive subject, of interest to young people
  • Added value of the project compared to existing ones

Feasibility/Management capability (40/100)

  • Team’s experience and expertise in the particular field (audiovisual; digital; youth)
  • Project management capability (in particular in relation with working in multicultural environments)
  • Relevance and realism in the scheduling of activities (calendar); compliance with the objectives of this call for projects (supported activities)
  • Clear and pragmatic organization methodology (coordination capability; clear repartition of roles)
  • Consistent budget and sufficient funds for the implementation of the project

Distribution capacity (15/100)

The project has a plan for the distribution and ensures the visibility of the production in the 6 countries and beyond (region, Europe, etc.)

  • Clear strategy of dissemination and distribution (both in the audiovisual and digital sectors)
  • Former experience in dissemination and distribution of audiovisual and/or digital production
  • Integration in audiovisual or digital production networks


Projects encouraging gender equality will be particularly considered


The grant awarded to the 1 to 3 selected project will be of max. €45,000. Dual funding for the same expenditure is not permitted.

  • Publication of the call for projects: Tuesday, 24th November 2020
  • Application Deadline on the online platform: Monday, 18th January 6.00 p.m. GMT;
  • Announcement of the selected project: Mid-February 2021.
  • Signature of grant contract: February-March 2021

The application form must be completed online in English. Please note that to access the application form you need first to REGISTER.

Only complete files will be taken into consideration.

Please retain a copy of the file submitted.

The file must contain the following:

The brief budget must provide:
– provision for a funding supervisor
– a funding audit


If you have any questions, please email your query to the following address before 8, January 2021 at 11.30 a.m. GMT: lea.bertrand@cfi.fr

Answers to questions will be published on the call for applications platform.



  1. Regarding eligibility criteria, are Production companies recognized as private organizations?

Production companies can apply to the call for projects under their relevant legal status

  1. Is the indicated funding of 45.000 Eur aimed only at one of the winning projects or for all the 3 of them?

The funding of 45.000 Eur could be attributed to one winning project or be divided between 2 or 3 winning projects.

  1. Can the applicant team up with local public institutions e.g. the municipalities as supporting partners, to enhance the project results or only the media partners/collaborators will be part of the team?

The applicant can team up with any relevant institution and is encouraged to do so, keeping in mind that the project is regional and targets professionals and audiences of the six concerned countries of the Balkans.

  1. Regarding eligibility criteria is it necessary to have partnership of 6 organizations from 6 WB countries or we can apply with less partners?

Applicants can be from one country only. There is no obligation to apply with partners from other countries. Yet, it is an added value to have partners in the region able to participate in the project and such partners can be mentioned in the form.

Organizations applying as a consortium of partners must identify a lead organization, the latter being the one submitting the application.

  1. Could you please briefly explain the difference between the grant budget and the project budget? For what we understand in the grand budget we need to include only what we are asking for funding and in the project budget we include also our co-financing part. Should we replicate (copy paste) what we included in the grant budget also to the sheet of project budget? 

The grant budget is indeed the amount asked for funding within the scope of this call for projects. The applicant must detail the allocation of the amount asked in this sheet. The project budget is the global budget, including all costs. The applicant shall precise how will costs not taken in charge by the grant be financed.

  1. What kind of reports will be requested to complete throughout or after the project is implemented? Only the financial report or also other reports? When is it needed to submit such reports (mid-end phase of project)? 

Financial Reports and narrative reports will be required throughout the project. Deadlines will be communicated to and agreed upon with the selected applicant after the selection process is completed. Deadlines would take into account the calendar of the selected project, and will be mentioned in the grant agreement signed between CFI and the selected grantee.

7. The final invoices that we will need to justify comprise only invoices about the grant expenditure or also the invoices on how we have used our co-financing funds? 

Invoices required will be the ones related to the grant expenditures.

  1. The auditing part will comprehend separately an audit for the allocations we provide to the young filmmakers to realize their products or there will be only one overall auditing of the whole project when it finishes? 

The audit concerns the grant provided by CFI and must track to which effect (product or service) the money related to the grant has been disbursed. Each expense linked to the grant will have to be justified.

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