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27 January 2020

This course trains journalists on the correct basis of electoral coverage, and how do media handle the whole process (before, during and after election).

This course lasts 3 days and is performed in Amman by Mrs Randa Habib....

Amman, Jordan

Journalists’ training
Close: 23 June 2020 - 12:00 UT


22 October 2019

Are you a student or a professor in a journalism school? Do you want to set up a project with a partner school on the other side of the Mediterranean and create lasting relations in a spirit of mutual sharing?...

Mediterranean area

Support for projects for students and journalism professors
Close: 15 January 2020 - 20:00 UT


10 October 2019

The climate emergency is currently one of the most important global issues. And Africa is the continent that is most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Local media have a key role to play in the response to climate change. CFI is launching the DUNIA project (lasting 18 months) with the aim of helping to increase the coverage of the issues and consequences of climate change in East Africa via the media....

Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia

Close: 31 December 2019 - 23:00 UT


16 October 2019

CFI launched the Tafael project at a seminar in September 2019. This project will support the post-crisis stabilisation process through the media in northern Iraq. Tafael will then select and train 45 young people from the Ninveveh Governorate (Iraq) in journalism practices in the context of stabilisation....

Ninveveh Governorate

Training in journalism
Close: 10 November 2019 - 23:30 UT


24 September 2019

Are you an investigative journalist with an interest in the field of health? If so, this project is for you!
As part of the MediaLab Investigation project, CFI is looking for candidates capable of producing investigations (in any medium) in the general field of health. The investigations may be conducted in one of the following countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon or Iraq....

Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq

Training in investigative journalism
Close: 27 October 2019 - 13:00 UT


02 September 2019

CFI Media Development, the leading French journalism training agency, will train in 2019 and 2020 a total of 30 Ukrainian journalists in court reporting techniques, in order to provide journalists with better tools to cover trials and justice issues, and make readers even more interested....

Ukraine / Україна

Training program on Justice and Court Reporting / Навчіться робити сильні публікації про правосуддя і суди
Close: 30 September 2019 - 20:00 UT

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