How does it work ?
This section provides the information necessary for a candidate to apply online.

Applicant's path

The figure below shows the general functioning of the platform:

Creation of an Applicant Account

The creation of an applicant account is mandatory in order to answer a call for applications.

To create a candidate account, click on the “Registration” link located on the top banner or on the page of a call in the form tab.

In order to validate your registration, you must complete the registration form.

The registration form is made up of identification and connection fields to be completed and validated.

Log in to the platform

How to connect to the platform?

The candidate must be connected to the platform in order to be able to respond to a call for candidates.

To connect to the platform, you must first have created a candidate account. It is also possible to log in directly from your account on Facebook or Google.

A “connection” link is located on the top banner or on the page of a call in the form tab.
You must enter your accesses or connect directly from Facebook or Google.

Candidate menu “My space”

The candidate menu is displayed after login in the column to the right of the platform.
This menu gives access to two sections:

My candidate account

This section allows the candidate to update the information related to his account as well as his password.

My applications

In this section, the candidate has access to the history of his completed applications. In particular, he can consult and modify an application until the closure of the current call.

Submit an application

Before starting to fill out the form, the candidate must be aware of the eligibility conditions of the current call and gather all the additional documents requested.

Viewing the page of the current call for applications

The call for applications page contains all the information necessary to enable the candidate to submit his application.

How to access the online form?

The candidate must be connected to the platform in order to be able to access the application form.

An “Application form” tab allows the candidate to access the form. This tab is available for one application per call. In other words, a candidate can only submit one application per open call. The candidate can modify his candidacy until the close of the call.

The application form

The form is composed of several types of fields divided into several sections. The number and name of the tabs may vary depending on the call published. An application can be modified and completed indefinitely until the closing date of the call.

It is no longer possible for the candidate to modify his candidacy after the close of the call. The candidate can submit their application at any time up to the closing date by clicking on the “Submit” button located at the bottom of the application form.

Application tracking

Applications are processed and assessed by the members of the Jury after the closure of the call and according to the calendar appearing in the call description page.

Processing and evaluation

Applications are shortlisted by the project partners with the aim of screening out all applications that do not meet eligibility criteria clearly mentioned in the call for applications description.

Shortlisted applications are then submitted to the members of the Jury for evaluation.

Announcement of the Results

The list of selected applications is published on the call page. Shortlisted applicants will also be contacted via email.

Applicants whose names do not appear on this list and who have not been contacted should consider that their applications were not accepted. They can however submit new applications when new calls are launched.